8 Reasons Why You Need To Start Watching Jessica Jones Right Now!

Incase you aren't obsessed with it already.




Unless you've been living under a rock, you would have heard of Marvel's latest badass superhero Jessica Jones. 

(And in case you have been living under a rock, then I have some follow up questions for you.)

Created by Netflix,  this Marvel superhero couldn't be more different than its other offerings (think Iron Man and Captain America). Jessica's USP is majorly her real-ness (is that a word?). She drinks, she swears but she can lift a car with one hand, so maybe not THAT real.

In case my above statement hasn't enticed you enough, here are 8 reasons why you NEED to start watching Jessica Jones right now:

1) She is basically everything you want in a superhero, and not just a female superhero.

She has super human strength, a tortured past, a super-villain bent on controlling her and a conscience. Aside from these textbook (or comic book...geddit?) superhero traits, Jessica drinks, swears, beats up people she can't stand (for real) and is a general badass.

2) Your vocabulary will be much richer and colourful after this.

Where else would you learn how to use 'bag of dicks' properly in a sentence?

3) Kilgrave is truly, truly terrifying.

By appearances Kilgrave doesn't look like a super-villain, he is a skinny, Brithish man who doesn't look much of a threat, until he controls your mind. YES!

Kilgrave controls mind and can make anyone do ANYTHING just by saying it. 

He is not your average villain though. You would think compelling someone to murder their own parents in cold blood would make the audience hate you, but the way the character is written is so complex, that often you find yourself rooting for Kilgrave, instead of Jessica.

4) Trish Walker.

Jessica's BFF, Trish is a super famous radio host and one of the strongest female characters on television ever. She has had a troubled past and knows Jessica's history, as they grew up together. She is strong and doesn't let anyone push her aside. She might not have Jessica's super human strength, but nobody messes with Trish and gets to walk away with all their bones intact. #TrishFTW

5) There are much darker themes in this show than any other show of this genre.

Rape, childhood abuse and substance abuse are just some examples of the themes running across the show's plot, which differentiate it majorly from other superhero shows like 'Supergirl' or even 'Arrow'.

The show is not scared to go to the dark place where not many TV shows and even Marvel, for that matter, never goes.

6) The strong male super human is not there to assist Jessica.

Jessica Jones does not need anybody as she can kick anybody's ass by herself. She is smart, clever, resourceful and strong, and even though we appreciate Luke's presence around the show, there is no need for a man to aid the female lead in this one, and is a major departure from usual television tropes.

7) David Tennant

Doctor Who fans will know what I'm talking about. While we have seen David Tennant in a dark and demented avatar before (in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), we mostly remember him as the larger than life, and very romantic, Tenth Doctor, so seeing him as Kilgrave is more than a shock to your senses.

He does a wonderful job to create menace and terror in your heart as soon as he appears onscreen and even though he doesn't look like a traditional super-villain, there is no mistaking his evilness.

8) It is just really good television.

It is engaging, well made, entertaining, has a great cast, well sketched out characters and it's definitely not a show to miss.

Go on, watch Jessica Jones on Netflix and share what you think!

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