Everyone is Crazy Proud of Sunny Leone Right Now...

...because she kicked this moralistic journalist's *ss.




​Everyone can't stop talking about how brave this pretty girl was in her last interview, when she was all but attacked on CNN-IBN's show The Hot Seat by journalist Bhupendra Chaubey, who asked her several wolf-in-sheep's-clothing-esque questions, essentially designed to put her in the spotlight and harass her about her career in pornography.

Amongst a series of other razor-edged questions, he asked her if she would go back in time and erase her past in pornography, do things differently. He also cavalierly scoffed, "Well, who'd want to grow up and be a porn star." pushing Sunny into a corner and making her crisply respond, "noone". 

The man also commented on how Twitter seems to be running amok with negativity for the actor as well as far-from-subtly implied that the reason Sunny had gotten anywhere at all was (lewd hand gesture in tow) 'her body'. 

The whole tone of the interview was cruel and humiliating, clearly some misguided belief on the part of this journalist led him to think he was being hard-hitting, but instead he just came across as a bit of a lowlife.

The only silver lining to this misogynist dark cloud was the fact that Sunny took it like a champ, standing tall and refusing to break down and be embarrassed by the man's sickening line of questioning. That, and the fact that about half of Bollywood came forward to tell her what a rockstar she was, and to call out the journalist for being "small-minded and anti-feminist". 

Watch the interview here...

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA66yrZt6FY[/youtube]