13 Kareena Kapoor Reactions You Can Use in Everyday Situations

If you want to know how to look fierce as hell while traveling in a local metro, look no further.




1) When your squad game is on point

2) When you spot your crush across the room and you're drunk as hell.

3) When you say something witty and everyone laughs at it.

4) When you realize that your phone was in your back pocket all the while you were searching for it across the entire country.

5) When your eyeliner game is off the charts but you've got nowhere to be, so you go in mourning.

6) When you have to travel in the Metro/ local but you also gots to look ~fierce~

7) When you finally get to take a well deserved nap after work, and a telemarketer calls.

8) When your BFF's crush smiles at her.

9) When you know someone's lying but you let them continue cuz it's fun.

10) When you spot your crush coming towards you but you got to act normal.

11) When someone says Hogwarts isn't real.

12) When your back is itching at an unreachable spot and bae scratches it.

13) When you know you've done something wrong but you know you'll get away with it because you're cute.

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