Prasoon Joshi Says He Has No Respect for What Sunny Leone Does

"I wouldn't want the youth to be inspired by it..."




​When the Rang De Basanti gang reunited 10 years past the film's release, Aamir Khan took the opportunity to clear the air from when his name was brought up in Sunny Leone's recent interview with CNN-IBN, saying that contrary to what was stated in the interview, he'd be happy to work with Sunny Leone. Even though he wasn't particularly asked to, scriptwriter and lyricist Prasoon Joshi made his views on the subject visibly clear regardless. 

"I would like to say that you can have a comment on someone's professional choice. Because it is not necessary that every profession has to be a good one and if it is not a good profession, it should be criticised. I would like to say this. Sometimes we start praising a profession to the skies. It is important that the profession which is connected to our lives should do great work for the society. It should do something positive for the society," he told the press. 

He did, however, clarify that not respecting her livelihood wasn't synonymous with not respecting her—as a person, an individual and as a woman. "I don't respect Sunny Leone's profession. I wouldn't want our youth to get inspired by her profession. But because of that to make a person feel accused,  and to disrespect her is not something that one should do", he said. 

He, however, did end on firm ground that he doesn't stand by her decision to be in pornography. "But I will not praise her profession. If there is a profession which doesn't play a constructive role in building a great society we need to criticise it as well. It's a free society," he told the media.