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Here's Why Arjun Kapoor Does Not Believe in Online Dating...

On a side note, can we have one Arjun Kapoor this Valentine's Day please?

​Just when you thought Arjun Kapoor couldn't get more dreamy (remember when he was the 'best husband ever?), his thoughts on online dating will make you swoon even more!

"I'm a face-to-face guy. I think the best impressions are made that way, and it's the nicest, most organic way of getting a read on someone."

Adorable, right?

While he believes that social media has its merits when it comes to dating, he thinks that it is harder to get over someone when you have the option of seeing them all over the internet.

He also believes that it's an absolute no-no when it comes to breaking up with someone over a text, "I think if you don't have the grace to end a relationship with a conversation (like a good, decent person), then it doesn't speak very highly of you."

Where has he been all our lives?

(Interview by Saumyaa Vohra)