"Vin Diesel Is So Warm!" Deepika Says, Casually...

...because, you know, that's who she chills with now




Obviously, we're all super-pumped that Deepika Padukone is debuting in Hollywood with Vin Diesel (um, what an entrance to make!) with XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage. so, naturally, she's hanging with Vin on the regular—and her opinion. That 'tough guy' thing is just an act—he's actually incredibly warm, according to Deepika.

"I just happened to have four interactions with Vin Diesel. He is a warm person and very generous like the other co-stars I have worked with. I am hoping that it will be a fun experience. It's important to enjoy the experience and everything else will follow," she told media reporters at a recent public event.

Just as we suspected—the nicest guys always have shaved heads, big muscly arms and tattoos.