You're NOT an Alia Bhatt Fan Unless You Know These 7 Facts About Her

No kidding!




#1. She Kinda Likes It When People Laugh At Her

"People still remember my slip up on Koffee with Karan—even after all this time! Everywhere I go, there's at least five jokes about it. But I really owe those guys who came up with those jokes! How my popularity has sky-rocketed because of them! When people look at me, they want to laugh at me right from the start—and that assumption is nice because eventually, I get to make them smile," she tells us.

#2. She's a Major Selfie Junkie

"My Insta is FULL of car selfies and/or selfies of me getting ready!" she laughs.

#3. She Thinks Kangana Ranaut is the Most Stylish Celeb Ever...

"I think she's cool, edgy, and quirky, and she just really knows how to pull things off. I really like the idea of fitted pantsuits, and I love the way Kangana carries them off with so much flair," Alia muses.

#4. She Hates Being Classified As 'Happy'

"I am not always happy and bubbly and chirrupy! I'm a true Piscean—I have mood swings that are all over the place. I'm easily the moodiest person I know," she fumes.

#5. She Thinks of Karan Johar as a Father Figure...

"Even if I'm not working with him[Karan], he's always my sounding board. I have to speak to him and get his advice on what I should do, how I should play things. I've learnt the ropes from him—his work ethic, his personality, his people-skills...I always ask myself when I'm taking something on, 'Would Karan be happy with this?' or 'Would Karan be proud of this?' He'll always be my mentor."

#6. She Thinks Her Dad Fights For Her Attention With her Boyfriends!

"He's definitely a more chilled-out person than most fathers, but at the end of the day he is a father. But funnily enough, he's more of a child about it than a protective papa bear. He doesn't ever get angry, he gets cranky! It's along the lines of, 'Hey! Give me some attention over here!'" she laughs.

#7. She thinks Ross and Rachel Are the Ideal Couple

"I mean, I know they broke up a lot—but breaking up isn't necessarily such a bad thing! It's the road to self-discovery, in a way," she proposes. "And even after all the cheating and the breaking up and the blah blah, they still ended up together. That's the part that matters, right?"