Cosmo Caught Up with Neha Dhupia at the Kiehl's and Teach For India Event...

...and we got talking about beauty, equality, and good deeds.

Cosmo: Tell us about your association with Kiehl's.

Neha Dhupia: "We are celebrating a great concept. As far as philanthropy is concerned, global brands like Kiehl's, Teach For India, and I (as a public figure) had one thing we feel really strongly—education—and we wanted to do something that'll bring about a change. To commemorate the fifth anniversary of Kiehl's Limited Edition project in India, the brand partnered with Teach For India and got me to establish 'Kiehl's Gives', through which they'll retail a special edition of their Ultra Facial Cream, and 100% net proceeds will go straight to Teach For India to educate underprivileged children across the country.

So, we got the kids to create something unique for the packaging and they painted butterflies (which I love, BTW). And till now the proceeds have gone towards educating 20 kids for two years across the country. We are in a place where we can promise a brighter future to some children through education, and it is a fantastic feeling."

C: That's great! So what are your top three favourite products from the Kiehl's range...

ND: "The Ultra Facial Cream, the Magic Elixir, and the Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. And I absolutely love their body lotions, because I'm a big believer that your body cannot smell like a botanical garden and the Kiehl's products feels so natural and smell so neutral..."

C: What's the last good deed you did?

ND: "Contributing towards the Ultra Facial Cream towards educating kids, and getting dressed for a change for philanthropy."

C: What are you wearing today?

ND: "Anita Dongre Grassroots, a bracelet from Curio Cottage, and a happy heart."

C:What's the best beauty advice you've ever got?

ND: "Don't stare too long in the mirror!"

C:What's the worst beauty advice you've ever got?

ND: "Don't stare too long in the mirror!" [Laughs]

C: What's your ultimate beauty hack?

ND: Eat ghee, it's fantastic for your skin, and your bones. And coconut oil is the best moisturiser—use cold pressed because it doesn't smell. Also, don't start using under-eye cream when you get eye bags. Start using it from the age of 22 or 23, so that you see the benefits in your 30s.

C:If we opened your bag right now, what would we find?

ND: Absolutely nothing! Because I'm the kind of person who always loses the handbag at parties. So I'd rather just lose that bag, so that I can get again from the same place. But my phone and the keys are always in the car.