These Celebrity Hyper Realistic Dolls Are Equally Freaky and Amazing!

The Adele one tho!



We love celebrities and we kind of have a love-hate (because they're hella creepy) relationship with dolls, so what can go wrong if you combine them, right?

This is what artist ​Cyguy set out to do with making hyper realistic celebrity re creations out of Barbie dolls!

There' Adele:

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BCdUb_Juiks/?taken-by=cyguy83[/instagram]

And Taylor Swift, of course:

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BCMJpUGuin5/?taken-by=cyguy83[/instagram]

Cyguy, whose real name is Cyrus, told Wired that he is obsessed with creating a perfect likeness when creating celebrity dolls. And it's apparent enough!


[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/_ijprJOisj/?taken-by=cyguy83[/instagram]

Jennifer Lawrence

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/88onugOitU/?taken-by=cyguy83[/instagram]

Brad Pitt

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/yduuKyOit9/?taken-by=cyguy83[/instagram]

Miranda Priestly (err..Meryl Streep)

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/yJB2c1uios/?taken-by=cyguy83[/instagram]

Check out the rest of his fascinating work right here.

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