7 Genius #LifeHacks by Jacqueline Fernandez

The gorgeous actress and all round cool girl, shares her limited-ed do's and don'ts that are guaranteed to make you a happier person 24/7.




​If you were to take a pop quiz based on Jacqueline Fernandez, you'd be surprised to find that: a) she isn't afraid of anything, b) she doesn't take herself too seriously, c) she grew up in a zoo! (her home in Sri Lanka has seven dogs, various birds, rabbits, fish, and monkeys), and d) she becomes best friends with everyone she works with! A 30-minute chat with this fireball will re-affirm all of the above. Here's her list of ultimate do's and don'ts...

DO indulge in your favourite unhealthy snack food.

"We all have cravings, right? I eat what I crave, and then I don't even think about it for a couple of weeks. That's why I think it works out really well. Because if I didn't, I'd honestly waste a stupid amount of time thinking about it, and obsessing over it. I'd rather eat, be happy, and then not indulge for a few weeks."

DO lie to protect a friend.

"It's not just about the lying. If it's something that won't make any difference to her life, then she doesn't need to hear it. I actually hate it when people put such hateful stuff out there—it's completely unnecessary! If I feel that it's something that could change her, and if it's positive criticism, I would tell her in that case. But otherwise, negativity is just not needed!"

DON'T be afraid to ask a guy out first.

"I do it! Honestly, sometimes, there are chances and opportunities that you will just miss if you don't go for it. I am someone, who, if I see a chance, will go for it because I don't wanna let anything get away, especially if it's got to do with someone I like. Why would you risk losing out? You just need to be yourself and go for it."

DON'T trust one person with all your secrets.

"I think some things can be kept to yourself. It's important to have that control, you know, so that you aren't making yourself so vulnerable. Also, there's a beauty in being discreet and not speaking about everything you're feeling, all the time."

DO apologise, even when it isn't your fault.

"I'm the sort of person who doesn't like negative vibes or confrontations. I'd rather say I'm wrong, and get it over and done with. I can't keep fighting over small things and wasting time—it's just not my thing. I just apologise, say it's cool, and move on."

DO freak out (a little) about people your age, doing much more than you.

"It means you really need to start getting your act together! I don't believe in luck. You need to be smart and think about the things you want. Look at Rihanna, she's only 26, and she's unbelievably accomplished—she's a mastermind! Everyone who has achieved something has worked to get to where they are. So it's a good thing to be motivated to achieve more."

DO travel as much as you can.

"It's my number-one advice to people—to get the hell out of wherever you are, and see different cultures and get new perspectives. A lot of prejudice in the world stems from ignorance. Travelling will open up your mind to new experiences and ideas."

Photograph by Vishesh Verma