Shah Rukh Khan Tells Us His 8 Rules of Being Stylish ALL. THE. TIME.

#6 is so on point!

​He's the king of Bollywood and the king of style, so we got evergreen heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan to spill the beans on his rules for looking drop-dead gorgeous, all the effin' time. Here you go boys. This is the only style bible you need!

Commandment 1

Thou shalt always look good in…

"...a white shirt, nice black tie, black pants and a black jacket! And if you're feeling very adventurous, I recommend a waistcoat. Follow this every time you're in doubt about a formal event, and you'll be set."

Commandment 2

Thou shalt never, ever close the last button of your jacket or blazer.

"You have to treat any man who buttons down the last button of his jacket or coat with suspicion. Any man who uses emoticons, and who buttons down the last button—never trust him, girls!"

Commandment 3 

Thou shalt have these essentials in thy wardrobe...

"...a white T-shirt. Blue jeans that are loose and are boot cut—not drainpipe-y. A great pair of sneakers. Also, men should smell nice. You have to, have to, have to have a cologne that you like. I mix a lot of them. I like the Tuscany, which is an old cologne, but I mix it up and everybody tells me I smell nice. I have sinus, so I can't smell myself!"

Commandment 4 

Thou shalt scour the earth for a reliable tailor.

"I have had one tailor for the last 22 years. Though people keep telling me to go for X designer or get that from Y designer, I've always insisted on him. He's one man who is my friend now. So yes, you need a good tailor who knows what you like. Also, you can always yell at him if he gets it wrong! [laughs]."

Commandment 5

Thou shalt not wear bright shoes.

"It's funny because I am wearing only coloured shoes in my new film. But that's only for the film and so I did it. I have a couple [of pairs] which are in light to dark shades of grey or black. But that's the maximum colour I would take on my shoes!"

Commandment 6

Thou shalt not wear sunglasses indoors!

"I've never worn sunglasses—not even outdoors! But ever since I've developed a power and have had to carry too many, all my sunglasses double up as reading glasses. I only wear them sometimes, only for convenience though. But no, dark glasses indoors are just untrustworthy!"

Commandment 7

Thou shalt avoid square-toed shoes (like the plague).

"[Your shoes] should be kinda round or Oxford style, not square. Also, they should not be too long or too pointy. They shouldn't look like something that goblins or clowns would wear! Shoes should be basic. As a matter of fact, my favourites are simple—just a little rounded and cut off at the ankle."

Commandment 8

Thou shalt be careful with bow ties.

"Wear a bow-tie but make sure it's not very big. A bow-tie should be sleek and nice—and it should be hand-tied, not a clip-on. I tried to learn how to but I couldn't. Bows should be worn with a tuxedo and only occasionally."