10 Signs You're Dating Ranbir Kapoor

No.5: if you snoop through his phone, you'll find he's still in touch with his ex




1. In any room, at any point, he's clearly the best looking guy around. There's a looks contest going on? Yep, he's already won it.

2. He has longer lashes than you. Which may have something to do with your legendary mascara collection.

3. He's clueless about social media. This one time, he asked if you've Tweeted on Instagram. But that's part of his charm.

4. He has a bit of a reputation. And can be a bit of a flirt. Oh, and his ex went on national television to say he should endorse a condom brand.

5. If you snoop through his phone, you'll find he's still in touch with his ex. And she's alarmingly hot. But he insists they're just good friend.

6. He has an ex named Deepika.

7. He has this funny habit where he adds up numbers on random cars' number plates. Which is annoying when you're in the car together because Justin Bieber has been on pause for 13 minutes, damn you Ranbir!

8. His mom lovingly calls him Raymond. Because he's the perfect man. Which, when you first found out, made you gag a little. But now you just secretly giggle about it with your girls.

9. His mom cuts his nails. Which is kinda weird. Okay,very weird. You can't even secretly giggle about that with your girls.

10. Your friends, family, and his ex (!!!) keep telling you to break up with him. Sometimes on national TV and in newspapers. Something about him being a player and a commitment phobe. But have they seen how hot he is? You've recently decided everyone's just jealous. Right?