Sophie Choudry Totally Nailed the Sock Bun…

…and she learnt it from YouTube!




​Sophie Choudry put another awesome hair tutorial to test and we're loving how easy it is to translate Kim K's fave hairstyle IRL.

Sophie's Verdict: "I absolutely love this hairstyle! It's striking, statement-y and so much easier than you think, thanks to the donut! I'd probably wear this hair to a fashion event or a night out with a little black dress and flicked liner."

Get the Look

Step 1: Start by making a high ponytail exactly where you want your knot. Take a hair donut and slip it through the pony.

Step 2: Ensure all the hair is gathered inside.

Step 3: Use a spray to set any baby hairs in the front.

Step 4: Cover the donut with your hair until the accessory is hidden. Secure at the base with bobby pins.

Step 5: This is how your hair should look from the back—don't forget to tame any stray strands in the back.

Products to Use:

L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Fix Design, INR 1,700

L'Oréal Professionnel Elnett Satin Spray, INR 2,800

YouTube Vlog: How to Top Knot by Michelle Phan

Watch it here.