STOP EVERYTHING! Shahid Kapoor is Back from his Hiatus and SO IS THE BEARD!

Praise the Lord, The Beard is back!




Shahid Kapoor is back from his Instagram hiatus and while we're happy about that, we're more happy (more like: over-the-moon, thanking-the-angels, happy) because SO IS HIS BEARD! 

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Shahid Kapoor shared a still from his upcoming film Rangoon stating the reason of his AWOL-ness to be the long and grueling schedule for it.

But all is forgiven because THE BEARD.

Check it out:

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BDPxpU2BJr0/?taken-by=shahidkapoor[/instagram]

Even though it is a little scruffy, we'll take it!

Thank you, Shahid....really.

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