Kangana Thinks Of Herself as the Underdog

"I was never supposed to get here, but I did..."




You'd think she was too busy riding high on her 3rd National Award win, but Kangana's still not used to all the glory. In a recent interview with the media, she talked about how she struggled so much at the start, breaking away from home without taking any money from her folks to make it on her own. And boy, has she!

When she was asked, however, to talk about the haters that had poo-pooh-ed her at the start of her career, she had just this to say to the media. 

"Underdog stories are indeed fulfilling. When I came into the industry, I was never the obvious, mainstream actress. But I'm glad I was the misfit, who never tried adapting herself to the mainstream mould." 

She compared the challenges she's faced in her life as an actor the the kind her characters often have to reckon with. "An important lesson you learn in screenplay writing is how a character reacts when she is put under extreme pressure. I have faced that in real life, and I have come out of it stronger. No woman is aware of what she is capable of unless she is put in a situation that tests her," she told the media.