Hrithik's Tweet About the Pope Just Landed Him In Major Sh*t!

We're talking legal notice level deep!




Turns out using the Pope as a radical reference for comic effect doesn't make you the smartest cookie in the jar...if you're a star. Hrithik Roshan's currently dealing with a riptide of repercussions about his off-hande Tweet, where he clared he's rather have been having an affair with the Pope than with any actor the media is alleging. 

So much so, in fact, that he's being issued a legal notice about it as well. Former Vice-Chairman of Maharashtra Minority Commission Abraham Mathai has accused him of 'hurting the sentiments of the Christian community with his comment.

"Hrithik Roshan has hurt the religious sentiments, feelings and beliefs of Christians (Roman Catholics) all over the world which includes my client as well. My client wants a written public apology from Hrithik Roshan within 7 days," Rizwan Siddiquee, Mathai's lawyer, said to the media. 

Um. Yeah. I think the phrase we're all looking for is 'uh-oh'