Stop Everything! Taher Shah's New Video Is Here To Change Your Life!

"Without you my love… stays alone/ Like a mermaid… lives alone"




Okay, so we don't want to scream 'Spoiler Alert' throughout, so go ahead, just watch it first. ​

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoCrbuM8wmc[/youtube]

Good. Your life is OBVIOUSLY so much better now than it was 5 minutes and 44 seconds ago. 

So, here's a little background. Everyone remember our man T-Dawg from his revolutionary track 'Eye to Eye' that shot him into the spotlight. 

If not, here is a not-so-gentle reminder of this universe-toppling track.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8uK_mWnbr4[/youtube]

This track, again, for extremely inarguable reasons, made waves because of the catchy AF music (which you loathed yourself for humming) and the introspective and existence-questioning lyrics that made you reassess your every life-move.

And now, after a three year hiatus, our man is BACK with this quintessentially Taher track. From the loud, flamboyant, deeply embarrassing costumes...

...to the person-in-white that turns out to be a real, flesh-and-blood woman but who we legit thought just might have been Taher Shah in drag

...and, of course, the social message Taher Shah delivers via the epilogue of every song...

"We can all be Angels, a human like an Angel shines as a star. The Angel's character speaks like a flower. The stars are decorated by Angels, like dew fills petals of a flower. All Angels remain quite like those flowers, that persist silent but spreads their essence and always reside jovial.​"

Now go on. Go into your day. You're welcome.