The Internet Thinks that Matthew McConaughey is Immortal, and They Have Proof...

Well, it IS pretty suspicious....




There is nothing that we love more than stories of time travel and stories involving celebrities. Combine these two and you have a winner.

YES, there have been many celebrity doppelgangers throughout time, giving birth to the theory that there are celebrity time travelers present amongst us, because what kind of world would it be if there were no celebrity time travelers?

But the Internet has discovered another celebrity who is most def an immortal time traveler/ vampire because there is no other explanation (well, there is, but this one is more interesting)

Does it remind you of someone?


The photo was posted by Reddit user EmberRainbow now has everybody speculating on the exact nature of Matthew McConaughey's existence because the evidence is against him.

Time traveler/vampire or just a coincidence, it's still pretty cool!

As far as what Matthew McConaughey's reaction to this might be, we can only imagine it'd be something like this:

OK, then.

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