Alia Bhatt's Reaction to the Open Letter Criticising Her Look in 'Udta Punjab' is the BEST

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate..




Ever since the first trailer for 'Udta Punjab' has been released, the Internet is rife with comments, ranging from crazy fanboy/girling to criticising and trolling it because it's the Internet and there is no in between.

One such criticism for the movie came in the form of an open letter (what else could it be?)​ commenting on how Alia Bhatt had gotten the look and style of a Bihari woman completely wrong and how she is perpetuating stereotypes by doing so. (You can read the open letter here.)

To this rather unfair criticism, since only the trailer has been revealed and passing judgements is still a bit soon, Alia Bhatt tweeted this:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/aliaa08/status/722593003420778496[/twitter]

Enough said!