Amul Probably has the Most Hilarious Take on the Salman Khan Rio Olympics 2016 Controversy!

They've done it again!

Amul has given us a LOT of hilarious and incredibly clever gems on topical issues in the past:

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So their absolutely on point take on the massive Salman Khan Rio Olympics 2016 controversy, ​over his appointment as the Goodwill ambassador for the country, comes as no surprise.

Here, take a look:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Amul_Coop/status/724909356517576704[/twitter]

ICYMI, a lot of reknowned sports personalities , such as Yogeshwar Dutt and Milkha Singh, have opposed the actor's appointment as the ambassador saying that it is disrespectful and absolutely absurd to have a Bollywood actor, instead of an athlete, to be India's ambassador in the Olympics.

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