You HAVE to See How Priyanka Chopra Slammed the Troll Who Thought She Shouldn't Have Political Views

Slay, girl. SLAY!

When Priyanka Chopra expressed her opinions about Donald Trump at the recent Times 100 Gala ceremony in New York, a lot of people got upset because she is an actress and she should OBVIOUSLY not have any political views.

One such forward thinker decided to put Priyanka in her rightful place (that is to just look pretty and not speak about matters of the menfolk) when he tweeted this to her:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/adesh_1/status/725284484354961408[/twitter]

Sarcasm aside, that is pretty much the most ignorant and stupidest thing anyone has ever thought of (probably not the stupidest, but close). But not to worry, Priyanka Chopra came back with a response that was on fire, it carried so much heat:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/priyankachopra/status/725285754054782976[/twitter]