So, SRK Wants to Make Another Superhero Movie

Hopefully, this one will have a better plot than Ra.One




We all remember SRK's Ra.One, right? It's kind of etched in our memory…not for good reasons though. It was one of the most awaited movies of the year (we're talking 2011!) but sadly, Bollywood is yet to churn out one good sci-fi movie. However, SRK is in no mood to give up.

In fact, he is "adamant and stubborn" about making another science fiction superhero film. "I would like to give another shot to Ra.One. I hope I am not too old to do it because I thought as a team it was a step forward in filmmaking. Lot of people may not think so, but I know filmmaking and perhaps it didn't go well. So I would like to give it another shot to win hearts," he said recently, adding, "It will be interesting to make one, but at this point of time we don't have any story. Ra.One didn't go to the level that I wanted it to, but films like Krrish encourage you. If we can get a good mix and blow your mind alike, when you see a Spiderman movie you are like 'wow'. I hope we can do something like that in India. I'll definitely give it a shot."

Well, SRK as much as we love you, we hope that before attempting to create something like Spiderman, you get a coherent storyline that'll match the plot of such iconic movies!