COSMO EXCLUSIVE: Swara Bhaskar's a Fun, Fearless, Feminist!

The Bollywood actor tells us what shaped her as one...




The Cosmopolitan India April issue was the country's first-ever ​feminist issue and we got women from all walks of life to talk about what feminism means to them and what feminist causes do they strongly feel about. Here's an excerpt from what Swara Bhaskar said:

​"Since I was very young, I've always believed that women (and men too) shouldn't be limited by what sex they were born as. For me, sex is biological and gender is socially constructed. And that's why I consider feminism a belief, an adherence to values that espouse equality for both sexes. It's a movement that strives to make sure that women get the same kind of treatment, and that the conditions they endure are on par with men. I have been lucky that feminism has been a part of my conditioning—my parents brought my brother and I up amazingly, and there was no discrimination between us. For me, this is the most important part of the feminist movement—the values instilled early in life that help you look at equality as a norm and not as a novelty!"​