This Video of Katrina Kaif Singing Will Be the Best Thing You'll See Today…

And Hrithik Roshan is her partner-in-crime!



​Katrina Kaif always appears extremely poised, and seems like a very private person. But people who know her say that the actor is a lot of fun! And confirming the same is this Instagram video of hers posted by none-other-than Hrithik Roshan himself!

Katrina's Bang Bang co-star shared this video some time back, in which she's singing a few lines from the song The Bare Necessities, originally sung by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman for the animated movie The Jungle Book.

She may seem shy, but one thing's clear from this video, that Kat's a great singer! 

Here's the vid, take a look:

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BE3jrTeMQKS/?taken-by=hrithikroshan&hl=en[/instagram]