We Downloaded Sonam Kapoor's New App...

...and we have ALL the deets.




Taking a cue from international celebs like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, Sonam Kapoor's become the first Indian celeb to launch an app based on her life. The app contains "everything that makes me 'me'", she says, including her films, fashion, beauty, books, food, friends and travel. It brings together everything Sonam does on social media, as well as provides exclusive content for her fans. Following a major build-up with cleverly posted Youtube videos, the app was launched by Disciple media and is available to download on the Google PlayStore and the Itunes App store. We, of course, downloaded the app immediately. So. here's a sneak peak into Sonam's world.

The App, also named Sonam Kapoor, starts up with a pretty, salmon-pink interface and an introduction by the style diva herself. Sonam welcomes you, looking fresh and summery in a strapless Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Creating an account will then take you to the app menu, which contains various categories as shown here:

Ever the social media bee, Sonam's app lets you post directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

My life includes exclusive content posted by Sonam with an inside, behind the scenes look into her life, friends, shoots, nutrition, fashion, fitness, movies and beauty secrets.

Sonam Live lets you live stream and chat with the actor, where she also answers some app users questions.

My Tribe is the what Sonam calls her fans. She says these are people that follow you as a celeb and look at what you represent, and aspire to have the same qualities you have. App users can use this section to create (and share) posts about Sonam.

Style Mafia is a super-fun, informative section, where Sonam, her Stylist and sister Rhea Kapoor makeup artist Arti Nayar and many others give us a breakdown of her fashion , hair and makeup looks and an inside peek in to her glamorous world of style. This section also has make-up tutorials, as well as trend updates by Sonam herself.

Workohol is a behind-the-scenes look into Sonam's work-life—from public appearances and shoots to movies and interviews.

Chronicles is an exclusive section which organises all her content into special categories based on her movies, travels, magazines, events etc. for convenient access.

Friends and Messages helps you connect and swap notes with other users on the chat, allowing you to connect with Sonam fans all over the world.

For those with any confusion or questions regarding the apps fun and easy-to-use interface, there is a FAQ section right at the end, making the process of getting your #SonamFix that much easier.

So there you have it, an inside look into the world of Sonam Kapoor, and her fun and fashionable app. Sonam says she plans to add more fun features (like special photo-filters for the app itself, for instance). Here's looking at you, Sonam!