Sidharth Malhotra's Reaction to Kareena Kapoor Khan Dissing Social Media is Perfection

He totally disagrees with her comments about 'bathroom selfies'




​We've pretty much become used to getting our daily dose of celebrities via Insta, Twitter and the like—and it's no great shakes to see a celebrity chilling on a Friday night, or sweating it out at the gym through a heavily-hashtagged post on their personal pages. You know Jacqueline's cat Miu-Miu, Alia's gym obsession, Ranveer's whacky sense of humour and Shahid's gorgeous beard all the better because of their buzzing social media updates.

However, you will have noticed that Kareena Kapoor Khan isn't really part of that selfie-circle.

The 35-year-old actor recently declared her views on the newfound celebrity approach to social media. She aired the view that actors and celebrities that constantly post pictures of themselves and their lives on social media are, in fact, 'losing their respect'. 

She talked about how, in the past, fans would clamour for a candid photograph of their favourite stars, and now they're as accessible as can be—even posting selfies from their bathrooms. 

Sidharth Malhotra, however, counters her views interestingly—mentioning that it's an extremely individual decision to use social media, and that Twitter and Instagram are both things you can use in varying degrees—read; just because you HAVE an account doesn't mean you share everything. He mentions that he, himself, doesn't post about what's he doing or eating, but posts about his upcoming films. 

The most interesting point he makes is using social media for a cause—and that a star being active on social media gets a good cause more traction than it otherwise would. 

Interesting points, both.