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15 Mean Tweets About Deepika Padukone That Show You the Internet Likes NOONE

"She looks like a 'naagin' at 90% of the events."

She's so obviously winning at life, with her fabulous film xXx: The Return of Xander Cagecoming up soon, her to-die-for-gym body, her killer acting chops and her constantly giving us #relationshipgoals with bae Ranveer Singh. But the internet is a cold, cruel place and even the flawless Deepika gets ripped into from time to time...

#1. This strange accusation that she looks like a serpent, apparently.

#2. This ridiculous comment about her being 'unbearable' 

#3. This attack on her accent for NOT being fake

#4. This uncalled-for comment that seems to be alleging she's more than friends with Vin Diesel

#5. This preemptive hatred of an accent that 'might' be fake in her next film. 

#6. This really nasty clubbing of her personality and Sidharth Malhotra's face. 

#7. This random attack on her acting cred.

#8. This 'relief' that she's not going to be getting lead roles opposite Shah Rukh Khan

#9. This accusation that she's 'trying too hard' 

#10. This assumption that because she's beautiful and good at her job, she's arrogant.

#11. This sneak-attack in the form of a mean*ss nickname

#12. And repeat.

#13. This unexplained comment/musing.

#14. This hatred that comes with a side of a night-time greeting

#15. This one that's just stupid and fun-nay.