9 Celebrities Who Look Sexy AF with a Beard

RIP Drake's beard.

​Earlier this week, Drake shocked fans around the world when he posted — then deleted — a selfie showing that he'd shaved off his beloved beard. While I don't necessarily believe that "beard is always better," there's something to be said for a celeb who can grow out a beard and end up totally pulling it off — and Drake was very certainly one of those people. It's almost like the celebrity becomes a whole new person for you to crush on, and who doesn't like new photos to obsess over?! 

So in honor of the loss of Drake's beard (RIP), here are just a few other times that celebrities rocked some very luxurious facial hair.

​Fawad Khan

Tom Hardy

Hrithik Roshan

​Chris Evans

​Ranveer Singh

​Jamie Dornan

​Farhan Akhtar

Ryan Gosling

​Shahid Kapoor