Team Cosmo India Tried Aishwarya's Purple Lipstick...

…and here's what we think about it!




​Ever since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan debuted her purple pout on the Cannes red carpet, the world has been divided into two kinds of people—people who lurved her look and people who hated her purple-bluish lips with a vengeance.

So, we at Cosmo decided to give this colour a try, and see if it can work on mere mortals like us.

We took the Inglot lipstick in 281 (INR 1,050) for a test run—the closest shade we could find to match Aishwarya's red carpet lips. And here's what the team really thinks of it!

Mahima Agarwal, Social Media Manager: "I was a little skeptical about the shade in the beginning, but I guess it grows on you—perfect for days when you want to tell the world 'IDGAF!' without having to say it.

Saumyaa Vohra, Features Writer: "If this lipstick was created with the intention of doing a glamorous-Barney-the-dinosaur thing, it's working."

Meghna Sharma, Features Editor: "I didn't actually mind that shade on Aishwarya, I think this is the first time she's experimented with her look, and we should cut her some slack. However, on me, not so much. I would only wear it if I were in a Nicki Minaj video, not in real life!"

Priyadarshini Kohli, National Sales Head: "I don't think purple is that bad a shade! If you team it with the right clothes, am sure one can pull it off."

Zunaili Malik, Fashion Stylist: "I suddenly have a lot of respect for Aishwarya for wearing this shade on the red carpet, 'coz frankly, I think it looks hideous on me!"