Uday Chopra Clears the Air About His Breakup With Nargis Fakhri...

...but is it the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?




To put all 'rumours' about his breakup with Nargis Fakhri to rest, Uday Chopra recently issued a statement clearing the air. Uday said: "I normally don't respond to gossip, but the press has been reporting a lot of fiction disguised as fact. I would just like to clarify that Nargis and I have been and still are very close friends." 

He also added: "The press has done a wonderful job of creating stories out of thin air and I applaud their creativity. However, these are all untrue."

And even tweeted about the same (see below)​.

Lovers or close friends, we just hope all is well between the two!