11 Things You Would Only Experience If You Were A Kardashian

Like losing your $75,000 diamond ring while on vacation. Oh well, such is life...




1. When you hear that Pineapple Juice is supposed to make your Vagina smell better, and you decide to have a sisterly sniff-off! 

2. When you lose a pair of diamond earrings in the ocean—worth $75,000—while on a family vacay in Bora Bora​.

3.  The youngest member of your family dates a man whose child's mum is engaged to another family member. 

4.When you wake your sister up in the morning—and she sends you an e-mail calling you a spiteful, jealous, evil, disgusting troll. 

5. When family jokes include ones about your sister's singing career. 

6. When mom-daughter bonding includes discussing (and joking about) your mom's sex tape. 

7. When sister bonding includes discussing your sister's sex tape. 

8. When your sister is going to jail, but all you really want to do is take selfle. 

9.  When the paparazzi is hounding you, and you want some alone time, so you just send them to your sister. 

10.  When discussing whether your sister's ass is fake is a completely normal lunch conversation. 

11.  When asked about her favourite day, your mother talks about when she met Oprah (over the birth of her grandchild).