Uh oh! Someone Went Down on One Knee For Deepika Padukone...

...and it wasn't Ranveer Singh!




​With all the rumours of Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh relationship hitting a rough patch off late, someone made a totally smooth move and went down on one knee at the recently concluded IIFA Awards 2016. Did your heart just skip a beat? So did ours when we saw this picture!  

For all those who couldn't quite figure who this guy is...it's the much-married Fawad Khan! Only, he didn't really propose to her, he was just enacting something totally adorbs that Ranveer did for Deepika at last year's IIFA Awards.  Take a look at the picture below:      

Apparently, Fawad who was hosting the show with Karan Johar was challenged by the latter to woo Deepika. And Fawad took it up sportingly, doing the whole shebang and pulling all stops to leave Deepika all smitten (who looked grgeous BTW in that black gown). 

Going by their sizzling chemistry, we'd love to see these two star in a movie together. Meanwhile, we wonder how Ranveer feels about all this!