This Bollywood Actress is FINALLY Joining Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Hint: She's making the debut on her birthday!




Katrina Kaif is one of those B-town actors who have maintained a distance from social media, and it seemed she had no intention of changing that. 

But things do change, you guys, and she has decided to make her social media debut on her birthday—July 16—and will be officially present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A source close to the actor spoke with DNA Mumbai and said, "Katrina was not convinced about joining social media but she now realises that it's one of the most powerful tools to convey one's thoughts and opinions and she has decided to jump in and test the waters. The first film that she will promote on social media is Baar Baar Dekho, which releases in September. Her reasons for joining social media are more personal than professional. She wants to have a platform to say what she wants, and also connect with her fans directly."

According to the insider, Kat will first make her account on Facebook and Instagram, followed by Twitter. Plus, she has decided to handle all the accounts herself, and ditch the idea of letting her managers or a digital company do the work.   

Now all that's left to do is hope Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor also follow suit.