Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Is Coming Back!

Joy! Nostalgia! Heart Attack!




​Remember all those times you thought 'GodDAIMN I wish that show would go off the air, vanish INTO thin air and never reappear?"

Yeah, me neither.

Everyone's heart broke a smidge when the classic, original sitcom centred around the lives of two incredibly contrasting South Bombay families (that just so happened to be related) died off, and hopes for a revival went strong. Alas, to no avail! We packed up our dreams and made our peace with the garbage-balls of comedy that hail-stormed post it (think men dressed as women traipsing around being nasal, sexist and ear-splittingly loud; we're looking at you, The Great Indian Comedy Show​), officially giving up the faith.

And when we least expected it—POW!

The fabulous show about the riotously laugh-a-minute Sarabhai clan is all set to return—as a web series! 

What's more, the show hasn't lost any any of the writers OR cast in the reboot–all of the original key crew and cast will be in place for the return of the series.

Are we too excited? Most def. Are our Google Alerts going to ping at any more news about it. Fo Shizzle!