Woohoo...Katrina Kaif Makes Her Debut on Social Media With a Kick*ss Video

Facebook just got a whole lot interesting y'all!

Didn't we tell you guys that Katrina Kaif has plans to join social media? Well, Kat is someone who sticks to her word. And on her 33rd birthday (which is today, you guys!) Katrina made her debut in the digital world via Facebook. 

The actor put up a stunning photo of herself as a display picture, and over 37 lakh people have already liked her page! Katrina also shared a cool video in which she's at her gorge sea-facing apartment in Mumbai and asking her fans to "Be Nice"! 

Watch the video below, and here's a quick link to her profile, in case, you know, you'd like to stalk her​.

[facebook ]https://www.facebook.com/KatrinaKaif/videos/1742298476047357/[/facebook]