Here's the ONE Thing Alia Bhatt Would Never Do in Bollywood

But you know what they say... Never say never!




Soon after her debut movie, Alia Bhatt proved that she's got what it takes to survive in Bollywood—not only is she a good actor, she focuses being a versatile one, not letting the industry stereotype her as the 'girl next door'! And not just that, Alia has also tried her hand at singing, and did it pretty well, may we add!

This proves that she isn't afraid to try new things, but there is one thing though, that Alia feel she'd never be able to do: "Maybe I can produce (films) one day, but I don't think I can ever be a director, because being a director takes a lot. I don't think I have that capability," Alia told IANS.

Well, as they say never say never...who knows, 10 years down the line, it might happen! As of now, we can't get enough of her as an actor!​