Irrfan Khan Wows Western Critics With His Performance in Inferno

The man continues to make India proud!




​Each time Irrfan comes up with a new flick, there a 100% chance of audience having a good time watching it. This time he has managed to wow the western audience with his screen-presence and following are the comments:

The Empire said, "Irrfan Khan shows up to goose things a little. He's Harry 'The Provost' Sims, head of the laughably shady organisation known as the Consortium, and he merrily throws spanners into everyone's plans and looks good doing it. Frankly he's the best reason to watch the film's second half".

The Variety quoted, "The enigmatic Provost(a ripe Irrfan Khan, having the most fun of anyone here), head of a shady consulting group on no ones exact side"

The Independent said, "Irrfan Khan's character, the very dapper, the very well spoken, Harry "The Provost" sims is the kind of character you would find in one of Edward's comedy thrillers".

When asked Irrfan about it he said, "Audience reactions are the best redemption for any actor and I am thrilled to keep my audiences happy. Glad they liked my role in the movie."

THIS has got us even more excited for the movie!