Whoa! Shah Rukh Khan has Launched His Biography...

...and we can't wait to read it!




There's no doubt that Shah Rukh Khan is a self-made star and his journey in Bollywood—​from a struggling actor trying his luck in Mumbai to ruling the tinsel town—​is quite inspiring. And here's some awesome news for all the SRK fans...the actor just launched his biography 25 Years Of A Life​, penned down by director Samar Khan.

The actor took to Twitter to thank Samar, and how AbRam loved the book.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/iamsrk/status/796385341787648000?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw[/twitter]​

Talking at the launch event, the actor recalled his initial days in the industry, "I was an odd-looking guy, I was not from a film background, I spoke too fast but I am thankful all the filmmakers and those friends who gave me an opportunity. So for me if a newcomer comes I have been trained by people like these to respect the newcomer and love them.​"

The book has 30 chapters, and each one takes on different characters that the actor has portrayed in his iconic movies. Well, this book is def on our reading list, fo shizzle!