5 Tips For Looking Good That Only Sonam Kapoor Can Teach You





#1. Use talcum powder to banish an oil stain

"During a talk-show shoot, my oil bottle accidentally opened up in my bag and ruined my dress! As you may know, it is practically impossible to fix an oil stain without sending it to the cleaner's. So Namrata [Soni, Sonam's make-up artist], put a of talcum powder on it and that completely took care of the stains!"

#2. Get lipstick off your teeth

"To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, try this–once I've applied lippy, I stick my index finger in my mouth, and just 'pop' it out to remove any excess colour.

#3. Use tape on ears

"If you wear heavy earrings, your earlobes can stretch—or tear! So I take regular tape and stick it to the back of my earlobe, attached to the earring. You can't really see it, but it gives support to your ears."

#4. Just be happy

"I think one of my better qualities is the fact that I keep my head above water and smile. I try not to think of what's happened in the past, or what people are saying about me—I truly believe in being positive about the future, and that's always helped me in life."

#5. Invest in an oversized shirt

"This is one of my secret fashion tricks: oversized shirts make everyone look dainty! It doesn't matter if you're feeling bloated, or have some holiday weight sitting around. Just put on an oversized shirt with skinny jeans or tights —or just the shirt— and a pair of loafers.​​"