30 Celebs Reveal Their Tried and Tested Fitness Secrets

Get that celebrity hot-bod you always wanted!

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    Ali Larter

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    Anushka Sharma

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    Elizabeth Hurley

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    Lucy Liu

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    Courteney Cox

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    Demi Moore

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    Hayden Panettiere

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    Jennifer Aniston

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    Jennifer Lopez

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    Kylie Minogue

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    Penelope Cruz

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    Sushmita Sen

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    America Ferrera

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    Anne Hathaway

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    Elle Macpherson

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    Gwyneth Paltrow

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    Heidi Klum

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    Mariah Carey

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    Shilpa Shetty

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    Dia Mirza

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    Angelina Jolie

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    Rachel Weisz


  • Enjoy your fitness regime.

    "I am a fitness junkie. I exercise to keep in shape, and would've done it even if I wasn't an actor."

  • Burn off extra calories.

    "Some girls just eat a little bit and don't go to the gym, but for me, I love to eat and tackle the cals. I love running and doing yoga, but I'm also a cook."

  • Take yoga.

    "In the few yoga sessions I've done, I've seen a completely different me. I'm feeling better and more energised."

  • Keep it simple.

    "I see stories about me living on a teaspoon of gruel—it makes me laugh because it's not true. Some grilled fish, a small amount of wild rice and veggies is ideal."

  • Try acupuncture.

    "I splurge on acupuncture, it's preventative medicine—it can help you lose weight and it can help your skin stay young."

  • Find a workout that suits you.

    "The blend of yoga for toning and martial arts for power is an unbeatable combination. Budokon is fun and effective!"

  • Use leeches!

    "I'm always looking for the cutting edge of things that are optimising for your health." She had leeches placed on her body to "detoxify the blood".

  • Drink vinegar.

    "I do organic vinegar shots. Two tablespoons after lunch and dinner. It helps take toxins out of your body. I have fun coming up with ideas for making fattening foods low-fat."

  • Get active.

    "I've always played a lot of sports—volleyball, softball, baseball, and I was a gymnast for nine years. Both my parents played a lot of sports so I did too when I was younger."

  • Get in the zone.

    "I still live somewhat by the zone. Before, I had been in a dieting vortex I couldn't get out of,
but now I pretty much eat whatever I want." The zone is an eating plan which advocates balanced meals and a strict ratio of carbs to proteins.

  • Don't let exercise rule your life.

    Her trainer Gunnar says, "She's very serious and committed but it's a part of her life, not her entire life."

Accept your body's changes.

    Recovering from cancer has changed the singer's body and perception. "Curvy Kylie; that's a new one, isn't it? I definitely look different. My face is fuller, but apparently, I look healthier."

  • Make the most of what you've got.

    Penelope is proud of her curves and works with trainer Gunnar Peterson who says, "She has a butt, and the key for anyone with a butt is to do adequate shoulder work to balance things out."

  • Self control is key.

    "Strict diets don't work for me, I simply control my
bad carb intake and watch what I am eating. I have an athletic constitution, so workouts and small meals every two hours work best for me."

  • Don't give in to pressure.

    "I always wanted to look good, but looking like everybody else didn't make me feel good about myself. Pursuing an acting career, the pressure's on to be skinny, but you've to resist the pressure."

  • Take a break.

    "When I'm working, I'm incredibly disciplined, but when I'm not working, I think less about what I eat. You've got to live!"

  • Go organic.

    "I eat organic and
I'd encourage everyone to give it a go. Also, I've never been fanatical about sport, but I do love to run—I try to do three kms three or four times a week."

  • Set yourself goals.

    Her trainer Tracy Anderson says, "She wanted a Victoria's Secret butt, like Gisele. One of her favourite workouts is to alternate between dance classes and yoga".

  • Make your look the new look.

    "I was never in that really skinny model phase because when I started, I was always the outsider that was curvy. I was like— 'I'm curvy so take it or leave it'."

  • Get someone to help you.

    "I have my trainer move in with me so I can't sneak food." Mariah stays in shape by sticking to a low-fat diet of mainly soup and fish.

  • Be dedicated.

    "My profession doesn't allow me to indulge as much as I'd like. My secret is no secret—a proper diet followed by a dedicated workout."

Take it as it comes.

    "I go through phases related to the films I am working on. I ran, did martial arts, worked on core training. When my character doesn't have to show strength, I go easy, work out a few times a week."

  • Avoid carbs.

    "Carbs are my biggest enemy. I hate veggies, but they help. I go through phases where I eat whatever and then, when I'm finally fed up, I'm back on my regimen."

  • Avoid carbs.

    "Carbs are my biggest enemy. I hate veggies, but they help. I go through phases where I eat whatever and then, when I'm finally fed up, I'm back on my regimen."

  • Be happy.

    "I feel I'm in such a place of peace in my life. I've done every diet there is and I've obsessed over every flaw but now I'm happier than I've ever been."

  • Get juicing.

    "I drink a beetroot and carrot juice in the morning or an apple, strawberry and pear juice. On vacation, I enjoy the desserts and work extra hard when I come home."

  • Avoid the crash diets.

    "You have to work out a balance between food and fitness—if you overdo it one day, you have to make up for it the next. Crash diets may help you lose weight, but you can't maintain it."

  • Treat yourself.

    "I can't have a piece of cake every single night but I can have a piece of cake three or four nights a week. I eat healthily, but I also love pies and chocolate."

  • Stay healthy.

    "I would rather be healthy than skinny but, in an industry where sample sizes are 2 or 0, it can make you feel bad about yourself."

  • Embrace your curves.

    "I have a woman's body; most women do and should feel proud of their butts and their bellies. I do Pilates—I don't really have a magic potion or pill."