5 Reasons That Make Kangana Ranaut the Most Fearless Guest on Koffee With Karan

#3 is downright witty!




This Koffee With Karan episode was all about nit-picking, blame games and 'oh-so- popcorn-worthy' statements. Kangana Ranaut who was invited on the show along with her Rangoon co-star Saif Ali Khan was all about dissing Karan jokingly, but for all the right reasons.

She spoke fearlessly and revealed volumes about her not getting treated well in the industry and also blamed Mr. Johar for making fun of her when she was a newbie.

Here are 5 interesting statements made by Kangana on the show:

1. "In my biopic, if it ever gets made, you will play that typical Bollywood biggie who is snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders, flag-bearer of nepotism, movie mafia"

2. "Karan, you've been the driving force of my life, if it wasn't for all the rejections and mocking, I wouldn't have made it. You've made fun of my English on this couch"

3. "If a set does not have creative conflict then something is not going right. It's not about taking instructions, and going about doing things and pleasing people, it's about really collaborating and diving into it. I think my directors really like that about me. And the ones who don't I don't like them either".

4. When asked who gives her the most attitude in the industry, her male co-stars or female co-stars, the lady immediately squirted, "It's you Karan". Whoa!

5. On being jealous of Dangal's success she said, "The fact that Dangal made so much money...like so much? I'm jealous."

Well, the Queen with all her dignity slayed the Koffee couch and we wish to see more of her sass in the next season too! (If she's called again).