Madonna’s overlined lips are giving an extreme pout

We know the exact lip liner used and it's on sale

19 November, 2023
Madonna’s overlined lips are giving an extreme pout

We may think of overlining as so Zillenial (1992-1998 Millenial-Gen Z cuspers including Kendell, Kylie and Moi), but there's certainly no limit on who can utilise the lip-plumping hack beautifully. Changing the shape of your mouth with makeup has been going on for at least 100 years and probably since the first hun invented makeup in ancient civilisation, that's not a Google rabbit hole I want to go down on a Thursday morning.

Never one to stick to age-prescribed boxes, Madonna just wore her lips juicily overlined in her latest Instagram photo dump and boy does it deliver on an extreme pout.

Her sculpted cupid's bow was further exaggerated with the earthy red liner brought up over the ridge of her lip line creating the illusion of a bigger and fuller pout. And thanks to a comment from MAC's own Instagram, we know exactly what product her makeup artist was using; writing: "Hot girls wear WHIRL 🤎" 


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Luckily for us, the brand's cult Whirl Lip Pencil is currently 20% off, reduced from £20 to £16 *adds to basket*.

And we couldn't not talk about the rest of her glam. That angular, upturned winged eyeliner deserves a whole story of its own, pigtails are to thank for those waves in her golden hair, and that base is bloody flawless.

As one commenter put it simply, "the mother of all mothers," and we aren't going to argue with that.

Credit: Cosmopolitan