Cosmo Exclusive: This Campaign is the New Trailblazer For Women Empowerment!

Schooling you on embracing your inner beauty!




'With #ShowYourVogue we want to underline the beauty Vogue Eyewear sees in all women throughout the world,' says Mariavittoria di Stasi, Vogue Eyewear Brand Director. 'We're out to liberate these beautiful creatures from the pressure and traditional notions of femininity to embrace one's individual sense of how to be a woman today.'

This new campaign is encouraging women all around the world to embrace their inner beauty and confidence. Forget about the long prevailing notions of the society, the 'beaten to death' definition of beauty and the barriers that constantly cage women to show what they really stand for. It's time to break those barriers and step out to show the world the real you, ladies!

It doesn't matter if your hair looks perfect as long as you're having fun, don't be afraid to mess it up. Speaking volumes about embracing your inner beauty, the campaign goes further than just physical appearance. Showing off your flaws and imperfections to the world is the new #VOGUE!

With the all new stylish range of Vogue Eyewear don't just show your beauty, show your Vogue!

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ekZVtRx_eg[/youtube]