Here's How You do Monochrome For EVERY Kind Of Look

Sometimes, everything pretty much is black and white.

The simplicity of monochrome makes it a timeless classic, and once again it's set to dominate our wardrobes. The monochrome ensemble is like that friend you've known for years, seemingly timeless but always relevant. This season, fashion houses have reinvented the look through complex geometrics and simple contrasts, finding power in the purity of strict black and white. Whether it's prints, stripes or colour blocking, working the monochrome look adds sophistication and understated power to your dressing. Here are 3 ways to add monochrome with deWAR to up your style quotient.

Look 1: Power Dressing:

In today's hyper competitive world, we are all thriving for success. The first step towards success is to dress for success. A monochrome outfit whispers edge and sophistication at the same time. deWAR's look of wearing multiple layers of black and white adds depth and dimension to the outfit, while also allowing you to highlight, or downplay, certain parts of your body; making you feel confident and secure. In the end, you are what you feel!

Look 2: Ethnic Chic:

We all have events that require us to dress in a conservative ethnic manner; a wedding, a social gathering or a diplomatic event. Instead of going for the stereotypical ways, trying an outfit with monochrome can up your game, making you look ethnic and chic at the same time! deWAR's look consisting of straight line white borders on black adds the perfect break to an "all black" outfit. Adding the Lucy Jacket, which is inspired by our very own saree, provides a more polished statement of style.

Look 3 Cocktail/ Black Tie Elegance:

We all have been through the confusion of not knowing what to wear for an important event. Well ladies, monochrome is your one stop destination in such situations. One can never go wrong with a monochrome dress as the contrast helps adapt to any situation, relaxed or hectic! deWAR's Jane dress uses dynamic angles and parallel lines to create a bold striking pattern that will ensure you are dressed for the occasion. Black and white makes the perfect partnership to compliment each other. If the ease of adopting this surprisingly easy yet sophisticated style hasn't already convinced you, then consider this: when dressing monochromatically, your outfit has one uninterrupted line from head to toe that elongates your body, making you look slimmer and taller than you actually are. Score!

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