What Your Wardrobe Looked Like if You Grew Up in the '90s

You probably sports-luxed before sports-luxe. Remember how you wore that pair of keds with everything?




  • ​Pairing outfits was pretty simple, really. Blue goes with blue and red goes with red.
  • On days you wanted to experiment, you'd rely on the interplay of primary colours.
  • It was almost blasphemic for jeans to fit right.
  • You had at least one oversize sweatshirt with Mickey, Minnie or whoever your favourite Disney character was.
  • And a pair of dungarees or overalls too!
  • You referred to your calf-length trousers as three quarters or capris.
  • You sports-luxed before sports luxe. Remember how you wore that pair of keds with everything?
  • You witnessed the comeback of flared jeans and subsequently rendered your straight jeans uncool.
  • Bell sleeves had managed to resurface too. On days you paired yours with flared jeans, you felt like you'd arrived.
  • You idea of fitness wear was probably leotards and an oversize tee.
  • Spice Girls may have had something to do with your wardrobe goals. Madonna, Britney and Christina Aguilera too. Fashionably speaking, showing off your belly button was the most rebellious thing you could do.
  • United Colours of Benetton was your idea of high street.           
  • There was nothing basic about plaid or minis.