Here's How You Can Pick The Perfect Outfit For Your Body Type

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If you are heavy on the bottom, keep the focus on the the upper part of your body by wearing a blouse that has both detailing and volume. Take advantage of your slim waist by wearing low waisted skirt. Try not adding more value to your skirt and void wearing tube tops or fishtail gowns that only highlight your bottom.


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If you are full on top and bottom with a thin waist, then empire length styles with deep /low necklines will enhance your look. Go for soft fabrics like chiffon, georgette or crepe. Long length tops with a U or V cut from the hem will give a balance to your attire. Avoid still fabrics like brocade or tissues as they give a very flat look to your body.

Inverted Traingle

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If you are heavier from top and thinner on the bottom, you are an inverted triangle. As you have broad shoulders, you should wear dresses with wide flair and heavy detailing at the bottom. This will balance the body shape. Avoid wearing heavily embellished corsets as they make bust area look bulky.

With inputs from Ms. Sheena Agarwaal, Owner of Agashe, Designer Clothing Store

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