Here's How You Can Wear Your Swimsuits, Cover-ups and Sheer Stuff Even When the Temp Drops

Aka 365 days of summer

1. Cover-ups

Remember that flowing robe? Honestly, no-one will know it served as your beach-to-bar go-to three months ago. You can totally replicate the look over normal, non-day-drinking clothes.


2. Slip dresses

Alert: a white T-shirt isn’t the only thing you can pair with your slip dress. Mind = blown! Layer your knits on top, and see what we mean.






3. Tie-dye...

...is universal! It knows no boundaries, so yeah, wear that shirt or skirt you got in August with any of your cold-weather separates.



4. Mesh

Take the see-through stuff you sported all summer back out of storage because, duh, you can wear it under or over tanks and dresses. Yes, it shows extra skin, but it provides a little extra warmth?!




5. Sandals

Mmm-hmm. You heard right. Pairing your sandals with fun socks gives them a longer life. And you don’t want your sandals to die, do you?






6. Minis

Right, it’s cold. But here’s a goosebumps solution (besides, obviously, the cool tights): over-the-knee boots. Stay toasty, look chic as hell. What’s not to like?




7. Crop tops

Ooh yes, you can wear that crop All. The. Way. Through! Just cover up a bit more with a blazer so, you know, you don’t catch a cold or anything. We worry about you.



8. White pants
This don’t-wear-them-after-July bullsh*t’s been debunked for a while, so get on board! Our chilly-weather wardrobe could use some brightening up, TBH.