Wait...You Can Now HEAR Your Tattoos With this New Body Art Trend

Sound wave tattoos let you capture all your special sounds..from your bae saying something cute to your dog’s bark.

Your favourite song, the way bae calls your name or just a tune that gives your *feels* - we all have sounds or words that are truly special to us. 

So, it comes as no surprise that some of us want to hold on to the memory of the sounds that we hold dear. You may record it or play it on a loop but another cool way to do just that is by getting it inked on your body!

soundwave tattoos

Yep, sound wave tattoos are just that. It is when you convert your favourite tunes or recordings into sound waves and get it inked. So then, all you need to do when you feel like visiting that memory again is to scan the sound wave art on your body and play it. 

What EXACTLY is this?

 "I feel that sound wave tattoos are like a coded message that no one else will know but, whenever you feel like hearing that sound you can just scan the tattoo and play it back. Just for your ears," says Lokesh Verma, founder at Devil'z Tattooz and one of the pioneers of the trend in the country. 


Requiring a specialised technique, not everyone can create this art on your body. After all, the ink is as special as the sound. He says, "Soundwave was a new technology in the USA and we are the first ones to understand the concept, gain expertise and bring it over to India. All you need is a recording that can be anywhere between 5-20 seconds long with no or minimal background noise. We also make sure that it is done on a flat surface of the skin as the app will not be able to read the tattoo if it is wrapping around the arm or on a curved surface."

How does it work?

While Lokesh admits that his tattoo parlour ends up getting umpteen calls regarding the whats and whys of sound wave tattoo, he is happy to answer them all. After all, it isn't rocket science, he says!


In a nutshell, it begins with your audio file getting uploaded on the Skin Motion app, which then generates a visual representation of it aka the sound wave. Once you get it inked on your body, you can scan the tattoo to play the audio whenever you want!

So, are you ready to hear your tattoo sing?