Amit Aggarwal on the Inspiration Behind his AXIL Collection

Staying true to his design aesthetic, Amit Aggarwal brought structured fabulosity to the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2020 finale.  


Cosmo: What’s the inspiration behind your collection, AXIL?

Amit Aggarwal: “This collection is a step towards a future that we envision for the human civilisation. For AXIL, we looked at the wildflower as a metaphor to represent femininity and how it conforms to a fabricated life made of concrete and polymers. All the pieces emanate the idea of a blooming flower thrown in industrial waste, and at the same time, mimic industrial aspects through hand-done techniques.”



Cosmo: You are often inspired by architecture. Is that the case with AXIL, too?

AA: “Zaha Hadid’s intensely futuristic architecture, characterised by curving facades and sharp angles, has always inspired me. She took the strongest materials and manipulated them to form buildings that appear both soft and sturdy at once. If you look closely, you will see the same temperament in my pieces, too.”



Cosmo: What does the colour scheme represent?

AA: “As I mentioned before, the mood for AXIL is of a flower growing in the middle of concrete. It’s an interesting understanding of the vivid flora that would surround us in the future, out of cross-pollination, and co-exist with cement, brick, steel and metal. Each garment envelops us into a trance, as rich fabrics in the many greens of ivy, dusted mauves, violets of thistle, rich berry red of amarantham and silver birch glide through light and shadow, presenting a palette of contrasts.”


Cosmo: What are the key techniques that you have used?

AA: “This time, we’ve taken our drive to be more sustainable up a notch. We’ve looked hundreds of years into the future, and cast a lot of plastic to create newer, more thoughtful textiles. While the brand has always used recycled polymer as strips, this collection sees it in full-moulded form. I believe everything can be used in an elegant way, and through our designs, we want you to be able to create a blouse from a dump of plastic lying around the house. Along with that, recycled sequin tubes, corded ruffles and moulded acrylic are some of the elements our design team works with to create structures that represent our brand DNA. Techniques such as pleating, ribbing through polymer, plissé, fine draping, and 3D embroideries also serve as a reminder of our craftsmanship.”