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Practically no-butt coverage swimwear: Yay or nay?

Much like your cheeks may be, these social media influencers are divided on this trend.

When it comes to body positivity, it’s safe to say everyone would want to (or rather, need to) be on board with it. Why would anyone not want to feel comfortable in their own skin? However, as we all know, it is easier said than done. You may feel tempted to wear outfits that hide aspects of your body that you perceive as flaws, to feel more confident. 
Swimsuits have been essential wear but have also been a topic of discussion because of how wearing these makes us feel. Some are comfortable donning a low-coverage swimsuit, some prefer to dress modestly at the beach. Then comes the no-butt coverage swimwear that dares to bare it all. 
Here are a few social media influencers sharing what they feel about no-butt coverage swimwear. 

Sakshi Sindwani @stylemeupwithsakshi 


“I recently tried wearing a no-butt coverage swimsuit, and I felt quite confident. But I am not sure if it was the swimsuit or the fact that I have started appreciating my body a lot more than I used to. Having said that, I am not opposed to the idea of no-butt swimsuits, I just hope it doesn’t turn into one of those trends that you feel like have to get on board with. I am a curvy woman with big thighs and a relatively smaller butt. And even though my butt looked flatter than usual in that swimsuit, I didn’t care. The only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Trends come and go, but we need to find our body’s comfort zone. And if yours lies in a full-coverage swimsuit, wear that. If you feel empowered in a no-butt-coverage one, you do you! When you feel comfortable, you automatically exude confidence.”

Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar @thechubbytwirler 


“I am definitely not in favour of this trend. I do own a pair, but it didn’t work for me for many reasons. The style isn’t functional for women with bigger bodies. While wearing something with practically no coverage, I’d constantly be anxious of it shifting and resulting in a faux pas. In India, plus-sized women still shy away from wearing swimsuits, showing their stomach, or even throwing on a sleeveless dress. I prefer styles that offer support, and a no-butt coverage swimsuit is a far cry from that. But for whatever it's worth, this trend does push women to own their bodies, irrespective of their size or how the style sits on them. Wearing clothes to ‘flatter’ one’s body type is an outdated notion. It’s 2022, and all butts are beautiful.”

Meghna Kaur @shetroublemaker 

Meghna Kaur

“I know many people might not share my point of view, but I am all for this trend. I love the way I look and feel in barely-there swimsuits or bikini bottoms—it allows me to embrace my body. However, to each their own, you know. If such styles make you feel self-conscious, then wear what makes you feel good about yourself. Some people even consider them impractical, but then again, a lot of iconic fashion looks haven’t been practical, have they?”

Juhi Godambe Jain @juhigodambe

Juhi Godambe

“I like the no-butt swimsuit trend. According to me, a swimsuit’s core job is to make you feel good about yourself. So if this style makes you feel confident, why not?! Personally, I love myself in a triangle-shaped bikini, or low-waist bikini bottoms—I don’t think high-waist styles look flattering on me. So it’s not really about how much skin you are showing, but about how it makes you feel. One must do and wear as they please, and this trend is just about that. But in terms of practicality, thongs are not the most comfortable, so spending a lot of time in this style could result in chafing.”